A platform to manage customers and suppliers, gather all your business documents and the ones produced by your partners (Commercial Data providers, collectors, outsourcing documents from attorneys, solicitors and more).

Team allows users to upload and have an overall view of records, information and papers

Strenghts of Team


Access to all the documents


Rapid activation of every service


What does it provide? Team

Team provides:

  • Variable cost depending on activated services

Publish by mail, certified e-mail, registered mail and more

Electronic and substitutive storage

Electronic invoicing (EDI, XML, i-Doc and more)

Archive documents produced from major market players

Signature pad on Tablet

Efficiencies of Team

All customers’, suppliers’ and recipients’ documents are organized in different “virtual binders”.

Access is guaranteed to sales force, able to see every shared document through the WEB Application

Receive papers from your partners

Use electronic international invoice networks

 Send documents in a simple and fast way

Archive in one same place all the documents, divided for recipient

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