An efficient tool that enables companies to get bank guarantees under control and to keep track of them.

It allows to manage active and passive bank guarantees with regard to beneficiaries or those who provide guarantees.

The configurable roles are: the administrator, the manager, the consultant, the client user and the viewer.

Strenghts of Surety


Integrated agenda


Ease of use


Active and passive bank guarantees management

What does it provide? Surety


  • Documents upload and visualization
  • Possibility of knowing where the guarantees are stored
  • Access to the system by counterparts to visualize their situation
  • Possibilty of importing guarantees from Excel files
  • Documents management, such as guarantees, contracts, termination letters, etc.
  • Contacts management
  • Calendar for reminders
  • Storage where all documents are saved
  • Status indication: not started, verified, debtor warrant, etc





Efficiencies of Surety

Situation always under control

Clear duedate

Efficiency in generation of documents and communications toward third parties 

Costs control

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