SpeedUp Easy

A financial credit collection Software, created to satisfy the needs of small and medium enterprises.

SpeedUp Easy software simplifies all unpaid and due invoices administration and guarantees an efficient and methodical approach to Credit Management.

SpeedUp Software is pre-installed on micro-server or Cloud: it will only be necessary to upload all your customers’ files and best-before dates (exporting them from your own management program)


Strenghts of SpeedUp Easy


Extreme efficiency


Extreme simplicity


Complete control over customers’ exposure
SpeedUp Easy

What does it provide? SpeedUp Easy

Variable setup costs which include:

  • Arrangement to install the Application
  • File format check and import procedure startup
  • Licensing
  • Quarterly application cost that include various supplies of services


Data Backup

“Support Ticket” to demand the help of our technicians

Possibility to send Fax

Efficiencies of SpeedUp Easy

Using SpeedUp Easy Software, it will be possible to reduce collection timing and exposure, making use of a methodical and systematic process for Credit Management.

Access will be also provided to sales force in order to analyse customers’ payment situation, insert payments and share information with headquarters by using the specific WEB Application (also by Tablet or Smartphone)

Increase of Credit Management efficiency

Decrease of collection timing

Simple information sharing

Increase of business liquidity 

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