SpeedUp Credit

SpeedUp Credit, a commercial credit management Software to help credit collection companies manage their procedures.

A simple and intuitive interface to share information with outsider users, such as collectors and principals, reduce time, costs and gain efficiency.

Our Software is modular, web-based, multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-browser.

Usable with PC's, Tablets or by Mobile Application.

Strenghts of SpeedUp Credit


Web based




Simple use
SpeedUp Credit

What does it provide? SpeedUp Credit

SpeedUp Credit provides:

  • Variable and reduced setup cost
  • Licences
  • Maintenance and update
  • Online file format check to input files


SMS submission to remind of debt

Phone collection service

Calendar and reminder of meetings and “to do things”

Business Intelligence for profitability analysis and other KPI’s principal’s benchmark (Powered by Panorama)



E-mail and PEC submission

Technical support

Daily Security Backups

Efficiencies of SpeedUp Credit

SpeedUp Credit provides a simple and efficient credit management, to fasten the whole credit management procedure.

Software’s WEB interface allows to use it everywhere and at any time.

Decrease of procedure managing time 

Simple information sharing

Integration with call centres Voip per Click-To-Call, InBound, Outbound e Predictive

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