SpeedUp Claims

Created to support the whole claim process, Claims identifies and manages the various steps of a claim by using different workflows.

Managing the claim in a visible and trackable way (because of its unified system) Claims can also be the right module to obtain quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Usable Online (ASP), via WEB or by installing it on client’s server.


Strenghts of SpeedUp Claims


Different workflows for each step of the claim


Each claim is visible and trackable
SpeedUp Claims

What does it provide? SpeedUp Claims

Claims provides:

  • Analysis, timing and evaluation of the claim
  • Manage each claim with different workflows
  • Customization
  • Variable costs depending on number of options required

Analysis, timing and evaluation of the evolution of all claims

Variable costs depending on the number of options required

Different workflows for each claim

Efficiencies of SpeedUp Claims

Claims can be integrated within your customer Database, improving communication both with outsourcers and suppliers.

The module can be used not only as a tool to reduce unpaid but also as a powerful supporter to analyse the most frequent set of problems. 

Claims becomes completely trackable

Improves communication with your outsourcers and suppliers

Integated within your customers Database 

Support and analysis of the most frequent set of problems inside your business

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