SpeedUp is a commercial Credit Management Software created to manage all sales cycle business process.

Our Software is modular, web-based, multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-browser.

Usable with PC’s, Tablets, installed on site, used as SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) in Cloud or by using specific Mobile Application.

The platform consists of four modules: 

SpeedUp Collect: a solution to keep track of all unpaid and due invoices.

SpeedUp Reminder: a solution thought to generate reminders. 

SpeedUp Risk: a solution to manage clients' financial risk. 

SpeedUp Claims: a solution thought to manage claims. 



Strenghts of SpeedUp


A “step by step” control of every process


Simplicity and immediacy for every activity


Every user has different roles and visibilities

What does it provide? SpeedUp

SpeedUp provides variable costs depending on:

  • Number of options and modules required
  • Quantity of users required
  • Number of enterprises included and connected
  • Use of SAAS or On Premise 


Mobile Application to manage cash-in and business visits directly from your Smartphone

Business Intelligence (BI) for Credit Management performance analysis

Monthly collection targets sent to sales force

A portal to let every customer organize and view its calendar, download invoices and make payments

Digital Payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, My-Bank and more

Integration with Commercial Data Providers

Efficiencies of SpeedUp

SpeedUp Software can balance Credit Management lacks typical of all the ERP systems.

Credit management process will be shared and enforced.

Functions of support, remind and control will be available for all users, helped and supported during their activities by the Software environment, with simplicity and immediacy.

Decrease of financial risk (RISK module)

Simple information sharing

Decrease of cash-in timing

Increase of financial liquidity

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