• SpeedUp for utilities

    Our software SpeedUp has the aim to manage all activities related to each point of delivery (electricity and gas), considering individually also those who belong to the same owner.

    A flowchart that automatically manages the entire process of electricity and gas has been developed in SpeedUp.

    -          The system is automatic or semi-automatic. It means that the entire process is managed directly by the flowchart or a manual intervention is needed to pass from a step to another. For example, if the system is set for an automatic process, dunning letters are sent automatically, while if   it's semi-automatic the system shows invoices to solicit but the user can decide to send reminders and to whom.

    -          The system allows parameterization for sending any document. Depending on the status of the document, it is possible to pass to a subsequent state (each sending has a priority system).

    -          Both for gas and electricity, until the request for suspension, all invoices of the same natural and/or legal person are solicited. While, at the request for suspension, dunning letters are sent for each single point of delivery. At the end, in the legal phase the client is solicited.

    -          SpeedUp interacts with the utility billing system. Between these systems there is an exchange of information that is needed to activate flowchart steps. Also the interchange can be automatized (if the billing system allows it) or can require the user involvement. 




  • SpeedUp Credit

    SpeedUp Credit, a commercial credit management Software to help credit collection companies manage their procedures.

    A simple and intuitive interface to share information with outsider users, such as collectors and principals, reduce time, costs and gain efficiency.

    Our Software is modular, web-based, multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-browser.

    Usable with PC's, Tablets or by Mobile Application.

  • SpeedUp Easy

    A financial credit collection Software, created to satisfy the needs of small and medium enterprises.

    SpeedUp Easy software simplifies all unpaid and due invoices administration and guarantees an efficient and methodical approach to Credit Management.

    SpeedUp Software is pre-installed on micro-server or Cloud: it will only be necessary to upload all your customers’ files and best-before dates (exporting them from your own management program)


  • SpeedUp for Dynamics

    Born as a Microsoft Dynamics Add-on, SpeedUp for Dynamics is created to support Credit Manager and its team in all their activities.

    SpeedUp for Dynamics platform includes all SpeedUp features, operating directly connected to Dynamics.