Credit Management Experts

In a context in which businesses increasingly need to digitalize credit management process, M&GF is the right partner to support them, suggesting an industrial approach rather than artisanal. An automatized management of processes allow to streamline and fasten activities related to entrusting and collection and therefore to make business processes more efficient.  

Our mission is:

Simplify Credit Management process handling, providing software meant to fasten and lighten our users daily activities.  

Our software enables an automatized management of the whole Credit Management process, starting from the acquisition of a new client until the management of overdue credits and legal activities. This is possible thanks to one platform that allows users to have an immediate view of ‘to do' and ‘done' activities, without resorting to different tools (email, portal, Excel files), and it allows to integrate external services providers (business information, legal and extrajudicial) used by the client.

In more than 20 years of activities M&GF Project has gained experience and knowledge with regard to processes that our software supports, allowing customers to contact us, finding not a technician but a specialist of the sector.

Our first aim is understanding our customers' needs, allowing them to improve the efficiency of Credit Management and financial management goals.


Our history:

M&GF was born in 1998 as a software house specialized in administrative and financial software solutions development. At the beginning, it develops applications in VB for collection and claims, then it moves on the development of applications in ASP / ASP.NET for claims management and Web applications for CM.

In 2010 SpeedUp, the integrated and modular platform for credit management, was born. The software solution covers collection, reporting, claims management, rating and credit limit calculation.