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Credit management as a source of value: the viewpoint of M&GF Project

27 June 2022

Article/interview that appeared in on December 22, 2021, one of the largest online magazines specializing in the credit sector. It deals with the topic referring to Credit Management and its importance because if managed properly and constantly overseeing it contributes to making the 'company more competitive as much as the other factors already known (product quality, price, delivery time etc...). Having a more efficient Credit Management will result in benefits exceeding investments and advantages in terms of: - Reduction in Working Capital, thus more financial resources - Reduction in costs (e.g., of credit insurance and internal and external management) and credit losses. The effect will then be higher margins and liquidity of the company, which will allow higher profits, more competitiveness in the market, possibility to make new acquisitions and ensure a greater financial balance. To achieve this goal, it is necessary for the approach to credit management to be an "Industrial" one