Mobile Application

A SpeedUp integrated App that allows users to insert payments, display in few clicks customers’ situation, insert notes, recent cash-in, personal data, information about expired invoices, overdrafts and graphics regarding last year’s DSO and BPDSO 


Strenghts of Mobile Application


Rapidity and simplicity


Decrease of cash-in timing


Immediacy in data insert
Mobile Application

What does it provide? Mobile Application

Mobile Application provides:

  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Practicality to manage all the different functions
  • Efficiency Offline and available on Android and iOS


Google Maps integration

Efficiency Offline and available on Android and iOS

All information available in few clicks from Smartphone or Tablet

Efficiencies of Mobile Application

A useful and advanced Mobile App that allows users to connect from Tablet or Smartphone to immediately visualize customers’ situation and insert payments

Display in few clicks clients’ situation

Fast cash-in timing

 Practicality and efficiency

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