• Approver

    Approver is a web application that allows the creation of personalized workflow for orders and credit approval. 

    Input parameters for workflow approval are: placement, rating, amount and other indicators. 


  • SpeedUp

    SpeedUp is a commercial Credit Management Software created to manage all sales cycle business process.

    Our Software is modular, web-based, multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-browser.

    Usable with PC’s, Tablets, installed on site, used as SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) in Cloud or by using specific Mobile Application.

    The platform consists of four modules: 

    SpeedUp Collect: a solution to keep track of all unpaid and due invoices.

    SpeedUp Reminder: a solution thought to generate reminders. 

    SpeedUp Risk: a solution to manage clients' financial risk. 

    SpeedUp Claims: a solution thought to manage claims. 



  • SpeedUp Collect

    Collect, SpeedUp’s module to efficiently manage all debtors’ situation and keep track of all unpaid and due invoices.

    Created to sustain collectors during their work, Collect module will help your enterprise manage unpaids and decrease cash-in timing by using: calendar, alerts, proceeds, notes and payment notifications. 


  • SpeedUp Risk

    Risk, a SpeedUp module created to support your business by elaborating a customized rating system.

    Risk provides reliable Data of customers’ financial risk, calculating Credit Limits by using both internal information and official reports obtained through Commercial Data Providers.  

    Adjusting to all specific business needs, Risk is completely customized for the different adversely classified assets.


  • SpeedUp Claims

    Created to support the whole claim process, Claims identifies and manages the various steps of a claim by using different workflows.

    Managing the claim in a visible and trackable way (because of its unified system) Claims can also be the right module to obtain quantitative and qualitative analysis.

    Usable Online (ASP), via WEB or by installing it on client’s server.


  • Glossary