Case Study: Synergie Italy SpA

Settore: employment agency

Synergie Italy SpA

The challenge

Synergie Italy, which is born from the 50 years international experience of Synergie Group, works to manage the most important business asset: people. The company has a wide client base and works in a sector where financial exposure is significant (personnel wage is paid before receiving invoice payment by the client). Therefore a proper credit management is important but the high number and variety of clients requires an "industrial" approach, while guaranteeing that specific customer care which is typically required to a service company.    

The solution

The project concerned the installation of two modules of SpeedUp, Collect & Reminder, which have allowed to: 


  • optimize cycles of reminders, guaranteeing the greatest systematic approach in communications to the sales network and clients;
  • guarantee office activities' carrying out from the advanced management (before the invoice duedate) to the injunction with formal notice; 
  • constantly monitor exposed credits: those already expired and those handed over to the law firm; 
  • generate pre-reminders automatically, differentiated by payment modalities; 
  • massively manage clients with unpaid bank receipt; 
  • send communications to clients with diversified addressers according to areas of competence; 
  • manage customized clients groups;  
  • have a real-time analysis of: DSO, clients with past due credits, clients with greater exposure (management dashboard); 
  • provide updated information to the sales network, which has direct access to the portal, so that to avoid a surplus of phone or e-mail communications. 


Results and Benefits

SpeedUp Collect & Reminder implementation has allowed to optimize times of the credit management department: thanks to the introduction of bulk mailing, communications to clients are now safe, systematic and quick. Furthermore, each worker is informed of the activities carried out by other colleagues so that each worker can manage the position, having at his disposal all necessary information. SpeedUp guarantees control on open items, of any amount, so that all credits are being solicited: regular cash-in in the shortest delay possible is vital for companies like Synergie that, by nature, anticipate a great amount of capital and work with restrained marginalities. A constant cash flow and the writing-off of finance charge are goals to be referred to and SpeedUp is the ideal partner. 

Following the constant growth of turnover and number of clients, credit management department needed a software able to streamline ordinary activities and boost, in terms of efficacy and efficiency, credit collection. The possibility of customization in SpeedUp made the portal highly performing and enabled us to have better results in terms of DSO (generally in decrease) but above all in the quality of work.

Laura Balagna
Credit Manager

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