Case Study: Stiferite

Settore: construction industry


The challenge

Stiferite is an Italian memorable brand in the field of insulating materials. Known for the numerous innovations that have been introduced in the field, it benefits from a good market position and a solid financial standing. The high number of clients and deliveries' management, often parceled, implied the need for credit department to have a more structured and industrialized approach to credit management and reminder process. 

The solution

Collect and Reminder have allowed to manage reminder activities in a structured and massive way, keeping the ability to have under control and manage specific exceptions and peculiarities of each client (backed notes and claims). 

Results and Benefits

Collect and Reminder implementation have permitted to have a more efficient and effective credit management. 

We have been using SpeedUp for about four years and I can say that is a very useful tool. We managed to make credit management process more efficient and effective and we also implemented a greater set of reports. We regularly use Collect, which has allowed a reduction of working time and a higher control.

Roberto Rampazzo
Credit Manager

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