Case Study: Pregis

Settore: Food Service


The challenge

Pregis SpA, leader in Food Service, has over 55 years of experience and, relying on values that still today characterize it - honesty, coherence and quality - from a small grocery shop has turned into a well-known business in the country. The field in which we work is complex and structured, as we address a high and eterogeneous number of clients (from fast food to restaurants and hotels) and our sales force is widespread over the territory. Therefore, we have realized that credit management might be extremely difficult. That's why a less 'artisanal' and a more 'industrial' management, which could lead us to better performance results, was needed.     

The solution

The project, through Collect, Reminder and Risk implementation, has allowed to: 


  • aggregate and equalize management of legal and extrajudicial outsourcing dossier and internal management of litigation in only one plataform;
  • depict in an organic way the complex business structure; 
  • centralize the complex logic of reminders management, identifying intuitively clients to solicit, those to suspend expecting information from sales force;
  • integrate information of sales division, where not available in data received from accounting program;
  • inform sales force on their clients status, highlighting most significative situations and relative responsibles, in an aggregated way; 
  • personalize Rating and Credit Limit calculus procedure, according to the peculiarities of Food Service; 
  • report specific Rating and Credit Limit variations in order to monitor clients in particular situations. 


Results and Benefits

Support to a correct credit management, monitoring of supplying risk and control of accounting exposures. 

Process simplification, functioning periodic automation and reporting of critical aspects.

In M&GF Project services we have found an added value given by a flexible and dinamic supplier, who is at the same time expert and trustworthy. M&GF is therefore a valid consultant, able to support us in Credit Management.

Matteo Bellini
Credit Manager

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