Case Study: Fileni Alimentare SpA

Settore: Food Service

Fileni Alimentare SpA

The challenge

Fileni is the Italian leader in organic chicken. The company operates with thousand of customers and manages a business characterized by extremely short times (chicken is a perishable product and quality and freshness are essential, in particular in the organic market). The need to manage an extended sales force (the company often sells directly to butcher and poultry shops) with almost daily delivery and with the management of numerous and small overdue didn't allow an 'artisanal' approach to credit.   

The solution

Fileni requested the implementation of an integrated project that considered:

- Collect & Reminder for credit management in office

- Risk for rating and credit limit definition and for the evaluation in short times (hours) of orders block/release requests

- Mobile App as a support for sellers to have always under control customers' situation and as a tool to coordinate with headquarter 


Results and Benefits

SpeedUp implementation has allowed:

- an 'industrial' management of credits towards customers

- a proper coordination of sales force activities

- greater responsiveness in verification and validation phases of releases  

safaguarding attention to quality of customer relation and of service that represents the DNA of Fileni. 

Through the project implemetation and thanks to the service evolution towards customer customization, we are able to monitor in real time our sales force cash flow, governing the process of orders block/release with success. Of great importance is also the creation of detailed reports on credit standing that has allowed to intervene for our KPI improvement.

Paola Tantucci
Head of Credit Department

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