Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting is an efficient tool for credit analysis thought to help Credit Manager and CFO in daily activities. 

It allows to measure performances in credit department, through the analysis of credit over time, the evaluation of risk, the identification of most critical clients and it communicates data to other business offices with the aid of proper graphs in order to highlight problems and incite appropriate corrective actions.    

Strenghts of Smart Reporting


Data analysis


Drill-down analysis


Simplicity and efficacy
Smart Reporting

What does it provide? Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting provides:

  • an analysis of credit evolution over time
  • an overview of ageing both total and divided for department
  • a view of exposure for geographic area
  • an analysis of DSO and BPDSO

Efficiencies of Smart Reporting

Data display through proper graphs and interactive and real-time updated reports which allow a drill-down analysis from the general (group, business, division) to the specific (province, municipality, client)

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